Very Happy With Service

We are so happy with the service we receive from Moose Mates of Muskoka.

They are extremely dependable & do a fantastic job.

If you need help with those outdoor chores call them today!

The Tracey Family

Consistent High Standards

“It is rare to find a company—regardless of size or location—that provides such consistently high standard of service at excellent value for money, as Moose Mates of Muskoka does. You have done an exceptional job of maintaining our very large property with great sensitivity to our needs and preferences. Your unwavering focus on customer service, pride in workmanship and delivery on all commitments is greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking such good care of our property!”

K Milsom

Creative & Hardworking

We cannot say enough positive things about Moose Mates of Muskoka. Peter and Sherry are kind, accommodating, conscientious and, most importantly, reliable. We have used their services right from the start when we acquired our cottage on Lake of Bays eight years ago.
Peter and Sherry took on the daunting task of clearing, taming and revitalizing a neglected property. We cannot overstate how happy we are with their work, right from the planning stages, the constant communication while the effort ensued and the ongoing maintenance to sustain the beauty they coaxed from its gardens and features. It was so nice to hear the lovely comments from our neighbours as these treasures were unearthed and nurtured; a true testament to their efforts.
We are quite fortunate that the relationship has continued, with Moose Mates of Muskoka maintaining our property throughout the seasons. We take great pleasure in arriving to a well maintained property and Peter and Sherry’s conscientiousness is highlighted by the fact that they do their utmost to time their work as close to our arrival as they can. Unfortunately, in these instances, we miss our conversations with them as they are unfailingly pleasant and exhibit their friendly nature in both their discussions and their work. We have been delighted to recommend their services to friends, who have had equally positive experiences.
In our latest revision to our property, Peter and Sherry have been key advisors, providing extensive insight and ideas. They have presented a landscaping design that demonstrates their extensive knowledge of the area but also reflects our sensitivities and desires.
Peter and Sherry, thank you for your ongoing hard work and we look forward to many years of blooming gardens!

J&J Aiken

Extremely Responsive, Skilled & Pleasant

“My wife and I and our whole family have known Peter and Sherry for many years now. When a person is looking for someone to take care of their property in the same manner as they would, they need look no further than to Peter and Sherry. What comes through from the moment you meet them is that are deep caring, hardworking and experienced individuals who conduct themselves with the highest levels of integrity. Anyone who is looking for the kinds of services that Peter and Sherry offer, must put trust at the highest level of the relationship. I can honestly say that in good times and even in tragedy Peter and Sherry were always there. They are the most responsive, the most skilled and the most pleasant people that we have had the opportunity to meet up north. And the quality of the many different work services that they provide are most often at a level that is better than we expected. Our testimonial on them and their business is of the highest accolades and deepest appreciation.”

D&D Morrison

Exceeded Expectations

“Moose Mates haven’t met my expectations. They’ve exceeded them every time. Peter and Sherry are creative and pay attention to detail. They’re also great listeners, flexible, hard-working and get the job done. All that and they leave a thoroughly-cleaned jobsite behind them. What more could anyone ask for?”

Melody & Rose Mary Richardson, Lake of Bays.